Rent a Mountain bike:

TREK 3900

1/2 day 2.500 ISK

1 day 3.500 ISK

Included: Bike, Helmet and locker

Optional: Pick up on the airport or Hotel in Reykjavík or Keflavík


Mountain biking tours with guide:

We also offer Mountain biking tour around the Blue Lagoon with guide.

1. Þórkötlustaðir – Hópsnes – Grindavík – Þórkötlustaðir 12-14 km 2-3 hours

An easy and interesting trip. We cycle towards Hópsnes and stop at old ruins. In this area there are some of the oldest remains of the salt fish production in Iceland. From there the road goes to Hópsnes Lighthouse, where in clear weather you can see the Island Eldey. We can see wrecks of ships that have stranded in the bay area of Grindavík. We continue to Grindavík along the harbour and follow the coast further to the west. We stop there and enjoy the view before it’s time to go back. We cycle through the town passing the swimming pool and the sports area and follow the path the last part of the trip.


2. Þórkötlustaðir Hópsnes – Grindavík – Eldvörp 26-28 km 4-5 hours

The same as trip 1 except we go a little further towards Eldvörp and the volcanic area where the last eruption took place in the early 13th century. As we stop and walk around exploring the craters there will be time for some refresh-ments. Afterwards we follow the track back and go on the other side of the mountain Þorbjörn past the Blue Lagoon. If you wish we can end the trip here and relax in the Lagoon instead.

3. Þ
órkötlustaðir – Hópsnes – Grindavík – Reykjavnesviti Eldvörp 36-38 km 5-6 hours

A comfortable trip and almost flat road all the way. The same as trip 1 except we go to the west along the beach pass Stað and the golf course. We stop at Brimketill and Gunnuhver and cycle the last part towards the Reykjanes Lighthouse where we leave the bikes and walk up Valahnúkur where the old lighthouse once was. From there is a spectacular view in every direction. Here is a nice place to picnic. As we continue we follow the road a bit further from the coast along Sýrfell towards Eldvörp. We stop there to look around and finally go to the Blue Lagoon and home to Þórkötlustaðir.


4. Garður – Sandgerði – Stafnesviti – Garður

36-38 km 5-6 tímar
An easy and comfortable trip, flat and good roads almost all the way. The bikes will be ready at Garður and from there the trip goes through Sandgerði pass Stafnes Lighthouse. Here we stop to picnic enjoying the view and the birds. After visiting Stafnes Lighthouse we take a short walk to Básendi, an old trading centre until the big flood in 1799. We take the same road back.

These are only a few examples but we would be glad to arrange trips tailor made to your wishes. If you prefer we can provide you with a packed lunch and it’s also possible to end every trip with a swim in the Blue Lagoon. Last but not least we can arrange for transport back and forth to Reykjavík.

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