1. Thottinvoft

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  2. Jenny & Daniel

    hi Kjartan

    The tour was a great experience with the power of nature from Iceland! Wonderful and so impressive!
    Who now…. we hope we’ll come back again :-)

    greeting from Switzerland
    Jenny & Daniel

  3. Susan C

    I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated speaking with you. The ATV
    tour (all to ourselves) was awesome, we had such a great time. The views of the
    Iceland landscape were beautiful and you gave us so much information on the Bleu
    Lagoon, their clinic and the Geothermal plant. I really enjoyed learning more about
    the Icelandic living such as power, water and taxes. We are thinking already we’ll
    have to make a return trip there one day. It may be a year or so before we can take
    a big trip again, but it is definitely on our list of things to do.
    Susan & AnneFlorida

  4. Frank

    Hi Kjartan

    This was the best trip we went on in iceland so many things to see and he took us to places that you can’t get on bus.

    I will recommend it to all my friends.

    Thanks again for an absolutely amazing trip.

    See you again next year!

    Trip to the Moon (now i know why)

  5. Ragnar Tryggvason

    Me and my girlfriend had a friend coming from England for a weekend in March and were looking for something adventurous for us to do, something that none of us had done before, and we were referred to ATV Adventures by our friend and decided to go for it. They are located in Grindavik, close to the Blue Lagoon, which meant that we could kill two birds with one stone, that is go to the Lagoon and do something exciting as well. We arrived there and the instructor began to go over the rules and the safety issues and before we knew it we were driving beside the road on our way to Icelandic nature (which is great even for me as an Icelander since I do not get out of the city much). I must admit that driving the ATV/Quad bikes was a little unnerving at first but I assure you driving these bikes is no problem at all. After a few minutes of driving we took a turn in to the “wild” and drove around for a bit and meanwhile heading for the top of the mountain Hagafell. Waiting for us on top of Hagafell was this great view over the south of Iceland (or some of it) and our friend from England was astonished, but so were we. A view from a top of a mountain is always the best view and since I’m not fit or interested enough to hike, the ATV provided me with a perfect opportunity to experience this. The only downside was that we were a little pressed for time and were only able to go on the one hour Panorama tour which was great but a little short, so to anyone who is thinking about (and you should) going on a tour, try out the longer ones. This trip was worth every krona and I would like to thank the guys at ATV Adventures for a fantastic day.

    Best regards
    Ragnar Tryggvason

  6. René

    Greetings from Oslo! Nice website -

  7. Scott

    This was an excellent trip and it was really appreciated that there was no minimum numbers required. (will even take out just one person) .This was our deciding factor to book with this company. It was only the two of us that day and we had a great day riding the local terrain. Once we reached a location it was great to have a chat with our guide as he told us abit more about the place where we stopped. The terrain was varied which made the biking more exciting and at times a bit adrenaline pumping. Highly recommened

  8. Eva & Mario

    Hi there,

    The atv-tour we had with you was really a great expirience for us. Nice islandic (changing) weather, nice path to drive on and finally great tour guide. Absolutely a thing to recommend for all friends visiting iceland in the future.

    Greatings from Switzerland

    Eva & Mario

  9. John